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Green Water – Air Hijau

May 7, 2009

Green Water. Single-celled algae growing in your water causes it to turn green. While algae is actually good for your fishes, very few aquarists want green water. Light and fertilizer encourage algae. Decrease both and you will probably not see green water. Water changes and small amounts of salt encourage algae. Fast-growing plants such as anacharis compete with algae for food and will starve it. In the past, algaecides killed algae (and other aquatic plants). Algae Fix appears to do the job these days.

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note from me :

disebabkan oleh pertumbuhan alga hijau. air hijau dalam jumlah tertentu baik untuk ikan karena berfungsi sebagai produsen Oksigen, anti stres,mikrobial kontrol dan bio filter.

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