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Main issues related to pangasius aquaculture – Isu Lingkungan Utama dalam berternak patin

May 14, 2009

The rapid growth of the pangasius aquaculture industry has raised a number of environmental and social concerns. Eight key issues were identified during the first meeting of the Pangasius Aquaculture Dialogue:

  1. Legal – Farms are sometimes constructed and/or operated outside the legal framework for addressing environmental, social and food safety issues of relevance to the area where the farming occurs
  2. Land use and water use – As new farms are established, sensitive habitat can be destroyed and water often is diverted, which can affect other water users and the environment
  3. Water pollution and waste management – Excess waste can pollute the water and negatively affect plant and animal habitat
  4. Genetics and biodiversity – Pangasius that escape from aquaculture facilities may compete with wild fish and affect ecosystems, especially in areas where pangasius is not yet established
  5. Feed management – Use of fishmeal, fish oil and trash-fish as pangasius feed is resulting in depletion of food sources that other fish rely on. Also, feeding trash-fish to pangasius can cause unsustainable harvesting and water pollution
  6. Health management, veterinary medicines and chemicals – Pangasius farms are prone to health problems that can impact farmed and wild stocks. Also, the inappropriate use of veterinary medicines and chemicals can have unintended consequences on the environment and human health, such as antibiotic resistance and unsafe products.
  7. Social responsibility/user conflicts – Large numbers of workers are employed on pangasius farms and in processing plants, placing labor practices and worker rights under public scrutiny. Also, conflicts can arise among users of the shared resources

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Ayo Kita bahas  bareng bareng!!!

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  1. May 14, 2009 4:06 pm

    Kalau di indonesia gimana ya?
    masalah 1 – 6 kayaknya masih susah dilacak…
    tapi kalo yang no 7 itu paling gampang di lihat karena bakalan ngefek langsung ke pembudidayanya


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