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Kira Yamato – – ZGMF X-20 Strike Freedom Pilot

January 18, 2010

Kira Yamato

Kira Yamato adalah pilot dari ZGMF X-20 Strike Freedom. Dia berperawakan tenang dan cool. salah satu karakter paling terkenal di dalam seri gundam Seed dan Seed Destiny

Kira Yamato Stat :

Age: 18
Birthday: May 18
Blood type: A
Genetic type: Coordinator
Height: 170 cm
Mobile suit: Freedom Gundam

After the end of the previous war, the warrior hero Kira Yamato retired to an island in Orb territory to live in peaceful seclusion, and he and Lacus have spent the last two years helping Reverend Malchio look after his collection of war orphans. But with the fall of Junius Seven, and the subsequent escalation of hostilities between Earth and the PLANTs, Kira realizes his days of peace are coming to an end.

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